On My Desk – It’s Been a While! Googlie Eyes!

It has been a while since I have been inspired to post here. I have been artsy but not wordsy. I would love to share with you my Googlie eye exploration and process.

Googlie eyes were mentioned in a conversation a couple weeks ago and my mind just took off! I thought about googlie eyes constantly – being an Early Childhood Teacher & long time ago a Girl Guide Leader of course I have a stash – and by stash I mean LOADS of googlie eyes. And in a wide range of sizes.

To start I suggest stamping a test sheet with stamps you may want to use eyes on. I glued mine down but you could just lay the eyes temporarily. This way you get an idea of proportion and effect. These stamp sets are from Ellen Hutson LLC.

On the Voices in My Head lady I used my Copic Marker to color her eyes blue!

I used Multi Medium Matt adhesive to adhere the eyes, this gives me a little wiggle room to position them just right.

I am curious to see where else these googlie eyes appear in the near future!


On My Desk – Out of This World

Today I am sharing a card I am made for one of my great nephews.

It is a 5×6.5 top folding card.

To create a durable base for hours of sliding and wobbling fun I started with a 4.25×5.5 panel of blue card and 110lb Neenah Cardstock. I arranged the layout and then cut the slider using Swing n Slide dies by Julie from Ellen Hutson from both pieces of card. I glued those together and trimmed the white card to 4.25×5.5

To create a variety of depth on the card I glued some planets flat on the card, I glued double and triple card stock behind some planets and popped some up using foam tape. I used the Action Wobble behind the space boy and of course a slider mechanism behind the space ship.

That panel was then mounted on a 6.5×10 card also backed with matching blue card stock. Finishing off the card are 3mm Iridescent Stars.

The inside is stamped with the Lawn Fawn Out Of This World sentiments – today the world revolves around you / hope your birthday is / OUT OF THIS WORLD

Head over to my IG to see the card in action!

On My Desk – Leading Little Lady

Spring is Birthday season for my family. One great-niece is three this year and I wanted to send a card with Ellen Hutson’s Leading Little Lady.

I started with a new technique I saw on Instagram of taping the whole cover sheet onto the lid of the Misty and stamping all of the images at once. I stamped several copies at once using Momento Tuxedo black ink.

While this works well and I may do this occasionally, I have lots of leftover images that I’ll need to get creative with.

I know I want a party background, so I start by coloring my little lady’s clothes – now to match skin tones and hair colors. This is the first time I have used my Staedtler pencils on skin tones, this means swatching!

To swatch skin tones I stamped multiples of the little lady’s head. I inked only her head and used a scrap paper to masked any of the body that was partly inked. I was not careful with the stamping as this is a personal reference Sheet. This is a technique I learned to do through Sandy Allnock’s Human Rainbow. Go check her YouTube for more.

Now to decide what she would hold! I knew I wanted to use the present brad from my stash and place it under her right arm, which meant cutting the arm away from her body after die cutting her. For her left hand I looked through all of her images plus the images I have from Bear Ware and Celebration Lady, I decided on balloons from my stash. I am trying to use up all my stashed embellishments.

For the base card – I drew a simple floor using several brown pencils to create wood grain and a baseboard. I know I want her to pop therefore I blend orange ink with the Life Changing Blender Brush for the walls. I add a banner from the Concord & 9th, Banner & Blooms set stamped with Happy Birthday in the same orange ink and shade the banner with the colored pencils and use foam tape to mount the girl and two of the balloons. I layer this with a purple frame on a standard white card.

I also created a magnet for her using one of the images cut and coloured identically which I mounted to a die cup magnet sheet! I hope she loves the little image she can carry and play with.

On My Desk – Re-Use, Re-Fill – Save!

Today’s video shares how I refill my Ranger Multi Medium Matte squeeze bottle.

This neat trick saves the environment and my pocketbook with one fell swoop!

I purchased my Ranger Multi Medium Matte at Ellen Hutson LLLC. I like the product, as advertised it dries clear and matte which means if some seeps out around my project it will not show up and distract from the element.

I purchased the small squeeze bottle and when I reordered I made a happy mistake of ordering the larger jar size. Of course the larger jar is more economical – but how do I refill that squeeze bottle. Watch the video and see!

Happy Crafting.

On My Desk – New Tools

Today I unwrapped the Ellen Hutson Craft Assistant. Immediately I love the look and feel of it.

The set includes one 12″x12″ metal craft plate and one 8″x10″ Art Magnetic Masking Material sheet, and the price at @$15 is amazingly reasonable when comparing it to all the desk top work spaces on the market!

My first project is creating a magnetic mask for my Mondo Daisy.

I cut the magnet sheet in half and die cut as usual, the magnet cut easily in my big shot. In the future I will most likely use Stazon ink and fussy cut so that my mask is closer to the stamp lines.

My first project was to retry ink blending. I have never had good results using blending tools, even my most recent attempt using the Life Changing brushes was anything but life changing.

Using the EBE Craft Assistant I loved how the ink blended on smooth as silk from both the metal craft plate and the magnetic masking material. When blending while using a paper work surface I find I waste ink – with the Craft Assistant there is no ink wastage.

For this project I used Canson XL watercolour paper, and the magnet held in place even with the thick paper.

Clean up was a breeze using my Stamp Shammy and a dry cloth.

I then water coloured my daisy. Because I die cut instead of fussy cutting my Magnetic Masking Material I ended up what a halo around my image. BUT with the magnetic masking material it is easy to lay the mask back down with no sticky adhesive to pull up the ink or paint.

I can’t wait till I have more time to work with the Essentials by Ellen Craft Assistant!

Watch this desk!

On My Desk – Block Letters

648613bc-a8c5-47fa-825f-585bbcb31adaDuring my Christmas Clean Up I sorted some dies and stamps that I have not yet used into one basket. I hope that in the next few weeks I can creatively use each of those items. Which leads me to Essentials by Ellen Classic Block Alpha by Julie.

If you check out Ellen Hutson’s blog or YouTube channel you can find tutorials on this set. On EH blog Julie Ebersol did an great tutorial with another letter die set and she was keeping the left over letters in a sectional storage container, which I loved! Another person who is amazingly creative with this set is Carly Tee  check out her blog and her YouTube channel.  So with all this inspiration I am off and running.


I got out my supplies: Classic Block Alpha dies (that I left together for this step), various colored card stock, Be Creative tape sheets, big shot, and paper cutter.

The first step is measuring and cutting the Be Creative tape sheets to just larger than the shape of the die set. @ 4 1/2 by 4 5/8. I then partly removed the backing sheet and lined the corner of the sticky sheet up with the corner of a half sheet of colored card stock. Slowly removed the remaining backing sheet while smoothing down the sticky sheet.  Lining up and laying down the adhesive is so much easier this way! I trimmed the paper to match.

Next lay the die set on the colored paper and run through the machine.  Now I have a full alphabet sheet.  Before I cut my dies apart I want a stash of letter stickers of various colors. I cut 8 colors and 2 sets of white card.  I then cut my dies apart and now have individual letters.


As I was completing this process I recalled that sentiments like Happy Birthday, Hello and Mom have duplicate letters.  I wrote down my most common greetings and identified duplicate letters. Then I looked on line for the most frequently used letters.  I then laid out the series of common letters which I then die cut out of the same 8 colors of card stock.


Next comes storage. You can simply store your letter blocks in flat sheets in a clear sleeve and remove the letters as you need them.  But yesterday as I was browsing in a home goods store I found this neat storage case made in Japan with 42 spaces which is what I am using.

My oops moment came when I placed my dies on the adhesive backer side of my paper 😦 85e4d9f0-25fa-432b-98a4-b73173d17fc0

Now I need to come up with a good use for them! Some of my thoughts were “What would Carly do?” I know rub glitter on the adhesive! I also think they would work on vellum or acetate windows.  Watch my space to find out how I use them!



My box full of Alphabets is ready to go… Check out my Instagram later to see my creations!

On My Desk – Watercolor Pencils

I am very thankful for this 36 Set of Staedtler Ergosoft® Aquarell colored pencils. I have had a 12 piece set of this brand for a couple of years and I use them frequently. I like that I can use them either straight up as pencils or using a brush and water as watercolor. The triangular shape sits so comfortably in my hand and the color goes on deep and rich.

I was excited to see the additional colors so I set up a swatch sheet with a double swatch. One swatch box for the pencil dry and the second for the pencil as watercolor. I swatched both boxes exactly the same – a light coverage to a deep coverage, trying to ensure a consistent layer of pencil throughout the whole range.

When that was completed I blended the lower box using a paintbrush. I was careful to use a consistent amount of water and the same brush stroke to provide a consistent swatch. I will vary these things as I use the pencils on projects.

I am very happy with my swatch chart. I adhered it to the lid and I’m ready to go!

One thing that is different about Staedtler pencils is they are numbered rather than named. Another thing I noticed as with other mediums, colors react differently comparatively. Some colors were more translucent, some granulated, and some were very vibrant.

I’m ready to go!